Building your luxury dream home in Perth

20 July 2018

Designing and building your very own luxury home in Perth is an exciting project and one that should be filled with desire, commitment and passion. After all, few investments are as large, or as personal as building your dream home. So factoring in the important details – and – finding the right building company to guide and support you through this journey is as essential as choosing the right materials.
Villa Mia walkway entrance to a luxury home built in Perth.

Villa Mia


Choose the right luxury home builder

Many home building companies in Perth claim to be luxury home builders. But few have the expertise, experience and innovation to deliver a bespoke home that embraces those ever-so-essential elements: the latest trends, intelligent design, smart technology, seamless living, and beautiful, quality materials that promise to provide timeless appeal and joy for all that inhabit it.

When choosing your luxury home builder, try to interview at least two or three building companies. Look at their portfolio and closely study the work they produce. Averna Homes is a multi-award winning Perth building company with a vast portfolio of past home builds to view online. Averna also creates one show home a year, specifically for our prospective clients. This show home gives them a taste of what we can do, as well as providing them with interior and exterior home design inspiration.

Talk to others that have built their dream home. Ideally, contact people that have contracted your prospective builder and ask them about their building experience – and life in their new custom home. Ask them what they would do differently. Talk to the prospective building company staff. Do you get along well with them? Do you feel that you can communicate clearly and easily? Building is a very personal experience, so clear communication cannot be undervalued.

Look at the size of the building company. Is it a large, cookie-cutter Perth building company that will treat you like a number? Or is it small, personal and flexible? Will they take great pride in producing a beautiful home as if it were to be their own? Averna Homes builds only a limited number of quality homes a year, allowing us to pour our energies into optimal client satisfaction, good relationships and a superior building experience.

“…I wanted to create a bit of passion and love in building someone’s dream home so that when they build with Averna, they get the love and passion behind it…be satisfied by the experience, just like the (Averna) liqueur…”
– Averna Homes creator Paul Serra

Good, experienced builders will contract good, experienced tradespeople. At Averna, we have a loyal ‘family’ of expert contractors who’ve been with us for years and can be relied upon to produce quality work every time, on time.

Focus on the detail

At Averna, detail is everything. In fact, our team pride ourselves on creativity, craftsmanship and unrivalled attention to detail. Such a focus allows the company to create a one-of-a-kind home that is completely representative of you, your values and your lifestyle.

Make it functional

Luxury homes shouldn’t be outlandish and quirky (unless that ’s truly your thing). Luxury is about ease and comfort – which can only come about when your home is effortlessly functional. So take advice from those in the know. The team at Averna have been building luxury homes in Perth for over eleven years, and can offer you an array of ideas you may never have dreamed of.

Make your home safe

Your home is your haven, your place where you can retreat, relax and feel protected from the world. Make your dream home feel private and secure by including elements such as a large setback from the road, trees and hedging, security gates and grills, privacy glass windows and electronic surveillance.

Remember resale

It may seem contradictory to mention resale when you’re planning on building your luxury dream home, but as we know, life is full of surprises. Unless you’ve got money to burn, think twice about building features that no one else will want.

Find out how Averna Homes can help create your luxury home today.

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