Two-storey homes in Perth

26 June 2018

Great views are just the tip of the iceberg…

With land values at an all-time high and property sizes shrinking, the trend for two-storey homes is escalating. And when there are so many other benefits to enjoy, it’s easy to see why…

Villa bella garage driveway

Villa Bella


Land size

If you’d like to live in a popular, well-appointed Perth suburb, close to schools, shops, and transport, choosing a small block of land may be the only viable option. There aren’t that many quarter acre blocks available – and if you manage to find such a rarity, it’ll come at a price. Build up a level, though, with the help of a good builder – and factoring in some great design elements – and you won’t be pining for the large block sizes that were once popular in days of old.

Off-street parking

Often, a two-storey home design will more easily allow a single or double car garage, which is ideal with street parking being a premium and security issues escalating.

Enjoy a garden or pool

Depending on the size of your block, a double-storey home can allow you to free up valuable space for a pool, a garden or perhaps indulge in more alfresco areas. And if you’re one of the millions of us that love our pets, you’ll know too well the importance of having access to garden or lawn.

Spectacular views

It’s hard to beat the spectacular views a 2-storey abode can provide. If you’re living near the river, ocean, or an interesting cityscape, views from a double-storey home can give you years of priceless pleasure. (And add a stack of value to your home.) To make the most of your aspect, you may consider flipping the traditional 2-storey house plan, placing bedrooms at the ground level and the living and entertaining areas upstairs.

Natural light

We often forget that two-storey homes have another great advantage – situated above trees and walls, your second level invites beautiful, natural light to stream inside giving your home a warm, spacious and inviting look – while also saving on electricity bills.


Double-storey doesn’t mean double cost. Usually, you can add a second storey between 20 – 30% of the total cost of your home. However, make sure you choose a reputable Perth building company seasoned in the art of building double-storey Perth homes.

A sound investment

There are many factors that contribute to the value of the property, but quite often, a 2-storey home in a good area offers a terrific return on investment. People like the idea of a home with ample living spaces, yet close to the city – which is exactly what a double-storey home provides. The idea of segregated living areas is also appealing– just think of the number of people that are now working from home – and also the increasing trend of multigenerational living. Throw in features such as a double garage, views from the second storey, and an attractive garden or swimming pool, and you have a wonderful investment on your hands.

Lifestyle and privacy

Having two storeys makes it easier to separate zones. You may have bedrooms on one level, perhaps the ground floor, while keeping living, entertaining or even working areas upstairs. Or, you could easily make the home teen-friendly by placing the kids’ bedrooms downstairs, along with an adjacent living area so they’re free to entertain their friends, while you place your master bedroom and ensuite upstairs, so you can enjoy some much-needed privacy.

When creating a double-storey home design, the main thing is to allow a lot of time to think carefully, and factor in what’s important to you. Think about how long you plan to live in your home, whether there will be children or other family members joining you later, whether you work from home, how much you like entertaining –  think of anything you can.

Finally, if you’re planning on joining the ‘two-storey movement’ and building up, study your block carefully. Pay attention to the shape, aspect, neighbouring elements and objects, and include as many passive design elements as possible. Do your homework thoroughly and communicate well with your building designer, and you’ll come up with a fantastic double-storey home design that’s just right for you.

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