How technology influences custom home designs

15 March 2017

These days, technology affects practically every aspect of our daily lives, with new advances being introduced at a blistering pace. It can make it difficult to keep up. But the latest tech devices are not just an effective way to communicate with one another. Technology influences the way we live in our homes as well. There is currently a plethora of technological innovations in the building marketplace. When it comes to constructing custom home designs, incorporating smart technology into the design is, quite literally, the way of the future.

Smart wiring

If you’re tired of cables and cords trailing through your rooms, then it’s time to look into smart wiring. Smart wiring can be installed throughout your entire home, allowing you to control your home environment with one tap, thanks to an application on your phone. It can help you to access multiple telephone, Internet and Pay-TV options, as well as dimming the lights, choosing a song to play, and even turning the heater or air conditioner on and off so you can arrive to a home that has the perfect ambient temperature. Smart wiring can also help you access your security system, as well as garden irrigation features.

Home entertaining

If you enjoy entertaining, then you will love how smart technology can be incorporated into your day-to-day life to help you spend more time with your guests and family. Wireless speaker systems not only look great, but their audio-visuals can be controlled remotely by the press of a button. Blinds too can be regulated using smart technology, meaning you’ll never have to move away from your entertainment area. If you want to incorporate a home theatre into your custom home designs, then you may want to group all your automations together so that the blinds can be lowered, the lights dimmed and the screen activated all with the tap of your finger.

Kitchen technology

When it comes to the kitchen, the world’s your oyster if you want to go hi-tech. Running a household has never been easier, with smart fridges, online shopping and appliances you can activate remotely with an app. Stove tops are induction, which means they focus most of the heat directly on the pot, giving you faster cooking times. And how about a voice-activated oven? You may never have to leave the comforts of your sofa again.

Bathroom technology

The bathroom is a popular place to retreat to for a little R&R, and some of the latest technology has been designed specifically with that me-time in mind. Hot spring soaking baths, mood-enhancing lighting and waterproof flatscreens are just some of the features on offer to help you find your Zen. Built-in heated flooring will make it easier to get out of tub, while futuristic toilets are bound to make ‘going’ a whole new experience.

Smart technology is practically a must-have these days, so if you are creating custom home designs, now’s the time to take advantage of the latest innovations available in Perth.

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