The Shangri-La home, built by luxury home builders in Perth.

The Shangri-La


Where we redefine luxury living with the epitome of elegance – the Shangri-La residence.

Exterior design pool lined by trees
The Shangri-La bedroom on the bottom floor overlooking the backyard

A symphony of architectural mastery and artistic finesse, this exquisite home stands as a testament to opulence and sophistication. As you step inside, the grandeur of high glass windows floods the interiors with natural light, seamlessly blending the lush outdoors with meticulously curated interiors. The wooden panel features delicately intertwine with the sleek marble cool tones, striking a harmonious balance that exudes modernity and warmth.

The meticulously landscaped backyard, adorned with towering trees, sets the stage for a tranquil escape. A pristine pool invites you to unwind under the open skies, while the outdoor entertaining area, dressed in pristine white tile, beckons for gatherings that seamlessly flow between the inside and outside. The heart of the home, the kitchen and dining area, is a study in soft and warm minimalism. Here, culinary aspirations come to life amidst a canvas of exquisite materials and thoughtful design. Averna’s Shangri-La residence is more than a home; it’s an embodiment of timeless sophistication that awaits your presence.

The Shangri-La hallway besides a marble staircase
The Shangri-La pool and backyard

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