2017 interior design trends for luxury homes

4 November 2016

Next year, the colour palette for the home looks set to be subtle neutrals rather than the bright and bold colours that were once so popular. Subdued tones will predominate, with the spectrum ranging from cool, muted greys and blues to warmer, dusky pinks and apricots. Raw, natural materials that have plenty of texture will also be a strong focus, including concrete, stone, terracotta, untreated timbers and sand. Metals will be used sparingly to add small bursts of vibrancy, while wallpapers bring texture as well as pattern to provide an element of depth to living areas.

Villa alto frontyard walkway

Villa Alto


Introduce your home to the outdoors

In a world where so many of us spend our time indoors gazing at computer screens, introducing the outdoors into our home will be another major design trend for 2017. Succulents, cacti and indoor greenery planted in textured, neutral-toned pots aim to reconnect us with the tranquillity that nature brings with it, while at the same time continuing with the indoor-outdoor living style that is so popular in luxury home designs.

Nature theme

Next year’s nature theme will be further enhanced using accents of lush, forest green to add a dash of colour to neutral, pared-back decor. Gone are the deep, moody midnight blues of previous years.  Instead, dark green will inject life and depth into living spaces, bringing with it a fresh, healthy Scandinavian feel.

Open planning

Open-plan spaces may also be a thing of the past, with designated living areas set to be the new thing. Private nooks zoned away from technology where people can retreat to relax and unwind will be popular, creating an air of peace and tranquillity.

Natural light

In keeping with the natural trend, the lighting aspect of interior design will focus on bringing the sunshine indoors. Designers at Averna Homes can work with you to ensure the daylight streaming into your home is harvested. Daylight harvesting maximises natural light indoors, enhancing productivity and efficiency. In addition, natural light is aesthetically pleasing, providing a sense of calm and well-being.

Luxury home designs

In Perth, where so many people love to get outdoors and enjoy the fabulous lifestyle Western Australia has to offer, the fresh, natural tones being introduced for 2017 is a particularly appropriate décor style. By selecting to build a customised luxury home designed and built by Averna Homes, your dream home can become a reality, right down to the finest nuance.

Averna Homes’ flag ship display home exudes the excellence that Averna strive for. At the forefront of modern home designs, this home signifies Averna’s passion for brilliance.

If you’re interested in building a custom luxury home, contact us today.

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